Daily Links for Saturday, March 13

Last night's game was exceptionally boring but for two interesting things: Thomas Vanek now has 4 goals in his past 4 games, and Mark Mancari continues to play like a legitimate top 6 forward. Luckily, there's enough humorous hockey links for you to drown your sorrow in after the break. Buffalo atempts to rectify its mistakes tonight against Detroit at 7pm.

Sabres will be 'real test' for Wings - The Detroit News
The Red Wings aren't making any lineup changes for Saturday night's home game against Buffalo.

Stunning Numbers: Sacrificing the body and shootout failure - Puck Daddy
Wysh puts together a bunch of weird numbers stats to impress and amaze, including one from Ryan Miller which will not surprise any of us.

Sabres notebook: Regier sees progress on hitting rules - The Buffalo News
Darcy Regier knows the NHL is in quite a bind when it comes to head shots for the rest of this season. At least the Buffalo Sabres' general manager knows progress was made by his fellow GMs to get the dangerous hits out of the game next year.

Ice Edge Releases Open Letter to Phoenix Coyotes Fans - Five For Howling
Anthony LeBlanc of Ice Edge holdings gives a look at where IEH is in terms of closing the deal for the Phoenix Coyotes purchase and negotiations.

Biggest Brawls of the Last 23 Years - Behind The Net
The title says it all - we're talking in excess of 400 penalty minutes here.

Farewell to the Chiefs: Slap Shot Team Moving - Sporting News
The Johnstown Chiefs, made legendary by Slap Shot, are leaving town - and there's no Reggie Dunlop to save them.

Sidney Crosby Golden Roar Reader Art Contest Finals - Puck Daddy
The (hilarious) Sydney Crosby Photoshop contest is over, so vote for your favorite finalist over at Puck Daddy!

Disrespectful Sports Tradition? - FoxNews.com
If you hate Fox News you'll love watching this clip from "Fox & Friends" debating whether Blackhawks fans are being disrespectful by cheering during the national anthem, which, oh by the way, they've only been doing for 25 years. Having trouble filling that 24-hour news cycle there boys?

Returning to Hockey Falls, where ESPN announcers seemed cool - Puck Daddy
This is from a while ago, but there's no reason needed to link to the old Hockey Falls commercials from Bud Light, which are still awesome. Bill Clement's mullet is epic.

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