Daily Links for Sunday, Oct. 24

Patrick Kaleta poses for his new statue of himself after scoring last night.

The see-saw tilts back in the other direction after a dominating 6-1 win by the Sabres last night. If only we could play 82 road games this season. Alas. After the break, more awesome player-fan interactions as Dallas' Adam Burrish apologizes for causing a fan to lose his game of NHL 11.

The Downward Spiral Continues for New Jersey Devils in 6-1 Loss to Buffalo Sabres - In Lou We Trust
Tonight, the New Jersey Devils were all kinds of terrible tonight in their 6-1 loss to Buffalo. This recap points out what went wrong, discusses the bizarre decision to scratch Ilya Kovalchuk, and heaps a lot of blame on the team's defensive gaffes.

Ilya Kovalchuk: Healthy scratch for the New Jersey Devils - Puck Daddy
Why? I don't care, as long as he's not playing.

Sudden stop to career jolts McKee - The Buffalo News
Jay McKee had a difficult time Tuesday explaining how his career came to a sudden stop. It was as if he enjoyed the best dream anyone could imagine before his mother pulled away his pillows and told him to clean his room and get ready for school.

With scoring down, fans refuse to pay blood money - The Buffalo News
It's not a good sign when the 2010-11 season is less than three weeks old, and Colin is leading Brian and Gregory by a mile among Campbells making headlines. The NHL's chief disciplinarian has handed out more suspensions and issued more fines than a New York City traffic court.

McKenzie: Max Domi - Not exactly a chip off the old block - TSN
The reason for getting to know Max Domi is not because he's a minor hockey enforcer cut from the same cloth as his dad, Tie, but because he's precisely the opposite - a talented, highly-skilled centre and a top prospect available in this year's OHL priority selection. Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie has more.

Dustin Byfuglien, John Torchetti, Ben Eager, Andrew Ladd and Brent Sopel of the Atlanta Thrashers get their Chicago Blackhawks championship rings - ESPN Chicago
Former Blackhawks are getting their championship rings in Atlanta.

After Burish’s hockey video game apology, others we’d like to see - Puck Daddy
One hockey video gamer experienced his own moment of electronic anger recently when playing against the Dallas Stars. While on a 2-on-0 breakaway, Stars winger Adam Burish came back and interfered -- costing the poor kid the game. Rather than tossing the controller against his flat screen, the fan decided to email the team and demanded an apology from Burish himself. 

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