Which NHL Goal-Scorer Is Most Valuable To His Club?

Times are good with the Buffalo Sabres currently. Yesterday's win slaying of the Phoenix Coyotes brought the team past the New Jersey Devils and into a tie with the Washington Capitals for first place in the Eastern Conference. With a game in hand, Buffalo is playing the type of hockey they saved for April in the last two years when it was too little, too late.

Ryan Miller is the engineer of it all; the heart that breathes life into the group. But it's been a total effort throughout the line-up with 16 players registering more than ten points and seven scoring double digits in goals. The defensemen have taken hits, blocked shots and a Calder Trophy candidate on the blue line helps. Is there a more complete team in the league?

Then, there are squads who depend on a single player for a lot of their scoring. While that person is unstoppable sometimes, defensemen can shut him down putting expectations on others to pull their own weight or more. I've decided to look at the leading goal-scorer on each NHL organization and calculate how much of their work accounts for the overall total. If two individuals are tied, the tie-breaker will take into consideration who's taken part in less games.

We'll go through the league alphabetically.

Anaheim Ducks: 138 goals for/ Bobby Ryan/ 21 goals= 15.21%

Atlanta Thrashers: 149 goals for/ Ilya Kovalchuk/ 28 goals= 18.79%

Boston Bruins: 123 goals for/ Marco Sturm/ 15 goals= 12.19%

Buffalo Sabres: 134 goals for/ Thomas Vanek/ 13 goals= 9.7%

Calgary Flames: 131 goals for/ Jarome Iginla/ 21 goals= 16.03%

Carolina Hurricanes: 120 goals for/ Ray Whitney/ 15 goals= 12.5%

Chicago Blackhawks: 165 goals for/ Patrick Kane/ 20 goals= 12.12%

Colorado Avalanche: 147 goals for/ Chris Stewart/ 16 goals= 10.88%

Columbus Blue Jackets: 134 goals for/ Rick Nash/ 22 goals= 16.41%

Dallas Stars: 141 goals for/ Loui Eriksson/ 20 goals= 14.18%

Detroit Red Wings: 123 goals for/ Tomas Holmstrom/ 15 goals= 12.19%

Edmonton Oilers: 128 goals for/ Dustin Penner/ 21 goals= 16.4%

Florida Panthers: 141 goals for/ Stephen Weiss/ 19 goals= 13.47%

Los Angeles Kings: 143 goals for/ Anze Kopitar/ 19 goals= 13.28%

Minnesota Wild: 138 goals for/ Mikko Koivu/ 14 goals= 10.14 %

Montreal Canadiens: 128 goals for/ Michael Cammalleri/ 22 goals= 17.18%

Nashville Predators: 140 goals for/ Patric Hornqvist/ 19 goals= 13.57%

New Jersey Devils: 131 goals for/ Zach Parise/ 20 goals= 15.26%

New York Islanders: 131 goals for/ Matt Moulson/ 19 goals= 14.5%

New York Rangers: 127 goals for/ Marian Gaborik/ 29 goals= 22.83%

Ottawa Senators: 138 goals for/ Milan Michalek/ 16 goals= 11.59%

Philadelphia Flyers: 143 goals for/ Mike Richards/ 19 goals= 13.28%

Phoenix Coyotes: 133 goals for/ Radim Vrbata/ 16 goals= 12.03%

Pittsburgh Penguins: 157 goals for/ Sidney Crosby/ 30 goals= 19.1%

San Jose Sharks: 166 goals for/ Patrick Marleau/ 32 goals= 19.7%

St Louis Blues: 126 goals for/ Andy McDonald/ 14 goals= 11.11%

Tampa Bay Lightning: 125 goals for/ Steven Stamkos/ 25 goals= 20%

Toronto Maple Leafs: 134 goals for/ Niklas Hagman/ 17 goals= 12.68%

Vancouver Canucks: 155 goals for/ Henrik Sedin/ 21 goals= 13.54%

Washington Capitals: 182 goals for/ Alexander Ovechkin/ 30 goals= 16.48%

Marian Gaborik takes the first prize at just under 23%, Steven Stamkos is second with a very nice and even 20% and third place goes to Patrick Marleau at 19.7%. These three have definitely earned their salary for 2010 and possibly might earn their teams a player berth. Keep shooting.

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