This was an email.

I wrote an email to some of my Sabre loving friends from down south.  They were all born in Buffalo, and remain diehards to the day.  Coverage down there can be tough sometimes, so I thought I'd help 'em out a little....

Tomorrow is cut down day, at three o'clock I think.  For what it's worth, here's what I think might happen...

And for the record, Ray was/is correct on one thing.  I thought they'd make at least one significant change in the roster, and Ray didn't.  He wins; yeah for him.  We also have a bet on whether or not this team makes the playoffs, the bet being a nice big bottle of Jack.

I've seen the lines as follows:

Vanek Roy Stafford
MacArthur Timmy Pominville
Hecht Gaustad Grier
Paille Ellis Kaleta
Ellis Mair

Rivet Butler
Hank Toni
Montador Sekera

I heard/read rumors that Hank might be chopped.  That's ridiculous.  If they did that, they'd still owe him 2/3 of this seasons salary, which is 3.3 I think.  They could spread that out evenly over two years, but it's still throwing money away, and I don't see them doing that.

I also hear they want to keep Myers.  Personally, that rule really needs to be changed in the next CBA.  It's so stupid this kid has either two choices - Juniors, or the NHL.  He needs minor league hockey.  This kind of rule is a disservice to young players.  I have a question I don't know the answer to, and I'm too lazy to look it up.  I know Myers can "play" ten games in the NHL before they have to decide to keep him, or send him back to his junior team.  But does that mean to actually put a jersey on?  If he makes the roster, does that count as accrued NHL time?

I was hoping for Weber to make the roster, but I don't see it happening.  Dude had more giveaways in preseason than (...) and (...) did at the Athlete's Den in the Como Park Mall in 1987. 

Was/is anyone thinking MacArthur will be good?  I don't see it.  I think he's a B rate version of Pominville, and that's not saying much.

Why is Grier on the third line?  I assumed when they signed him, he'd be a fourth line guy.  Does he have anything left?

Max signed with Atlanta for 800 gr.  I told Ray, if he scores 30, I'll never hear the end of it.

What happened to Paille?  I expected so much more from him.  Someone told me he is just a wierd dude. 

What's the over/under on how many games Timmy and Goose play?  I say both are in the low 60's.  Speaking of Goose, he got a nice chunk of change for a 3rd line C.  I think it's about time he starts producing more.  I'm sick of hearing what a good guy and a good teammate he is.  I'd like to see some results.

I think Hecht should be ripped for his "I wasn't happy" excuse in the Buffalo News this week.  But it's fair and not too much of stretch to expect a lot more from him this year, correct?

I thought I saw on the Sabres site the letters for the team.  Rivet, Hecht, and Pommer.  Was that from last year?  I can't remember...

Just read that Lydman is pretty banged up.  That frees up Weber I guess.  Stafford has a slight concussion too (surely couldn't have happened in front of the net or in the corners).  I doubt Gerbe or Kennedy fill his role though.  I think they're both bound for Rochester, even though Kennedy might have been one of their better forwards as of late.

Vanek is a shoo-in for 40+, correct?

Why am I not excited about Montador?  I didn't hear one single thing about him in camp.  You figure you would've seen or heard one puff piece from the Sabres on one of their big ticket FA acquisitions, but even they didn't see fit to waste time on him.  (If I missed it - my bad - sorry Sabres)

Is Rivet capable of staying healthy for 80 games, as well as logging 20+ minutes a game?  Even so, is he the kind of defenseman that should be getting 20+ minutes a game?

Will my Sekera pick be better or worse than my Paille pick?  I personally think better.  Dude's a five tool player if you ask me.  Look how long it took Soup to grow; we're asking this kid to do it on one years notice.  Give him a little time.  He plays more physical than Soup too. 

I cringe every time I think of Lalime playing.  I'd almost rather see Enroth called up anytime Miller needs a break.  From what I hear, that kid is a stud, even if he doesn't fit the new age (ie - big) style of goaltenders.

I still think it's ridiculous that Rochester is not the minor league team for the Sabres.  After so many years, how do you blow up something over something so stupid?  It must have taken two absolutely stubborn idiots to reach that conclusion...

I was hoping to hear more on the following guys, but didn't get it: Kassian, Brennan, Gragnani, Perrson, and Gogulla.  I think all but Kassian will be in Portland this year.  It'll be interesting to see if any develop like Kennedy and Gerbe did.  I always thought Cunneyworth was the source of Sabre development.  Apparently, Dineen can do it too...

Have any of you guys played NHL 10 for the Wii yet?  If so, is it any good?

Do any of you hate dislike that Hamilton loving Blackberry guy as much as I do?  And I like Hamilton...nice city.

Can we finally get the old logo back once and for all?  No one liked the goat.  No one likes the slug.  Please....just give us back the logo and colors that helped grow the game of hockey.

Why do I still not like this arena?  It's over a decade old, and I still haven't warmed up to it.  I don't like it at all. 

Go Sabs....

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