Sabres Hang on to Playoff Hopes

I have finally watched the game, made it home, ate dinner and relaxed a little bit.  I won't bore you with more analysis of last nights 4-3 shootout win against the Montreal Canadiens.  Instead I'll interject some opinion and recognize everyone who kept things going last night when I wasn't around.

Obviously the Sabres were in desperate need of two points last night and they got it.  The major problem was allowing the Canadiens to earn the "loser point".  As I was driving home this morning I was listening to WGR and there was a contention that the Sabres should have showed some guts and pulled the goalie late in the third period. 

I was as sick as everyone else to see that the Canadiens earned the "loser point" but seriously...pull the goalie?  The Sabres earned the shootout victory and now trail the eighth place Canadiens by four points with seven games left to play; had they lost the game last night, they would trail the Canadiens by seven points with seven games to play.  The notion that the Sabres should have pulled the goalie late in the third period is as ridiculous as the idea that the Sabres should have been the same team without Ryan Miller as they are with Ryan Miller.

Reality hasn't changed; The Sabres remain a long shot to make the playoffs.  Being a long shot is still better odds than being eliminated.  A loss last night would have virtually eliminated the Sabres from any playoff hopes.

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Up Next

The Sabres remain on the road but will be off until Wednesday when they take on the Thrashers in Atlanta.  Monday and Tuesday will designated for scoreboard watching while we get ready for Wednesday.  The Rangers are now only five points ahead of the Sabres and should also be on the radar as a team that could be caught.

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