Really? 15? Wow…that’s a lot of games for one month. I originally thought November’s schedule was a bit different, with the whole “Wed-Fri-Sat” thing repeated over, and over, and over. This month has got to tie a Sabre record for most games in a month (I‘m too lazy to look it up though). Thanks Olympics…

A lot of folks were/are hoping for better back up goalie play through a roster move; myself included. Kind of wished it would’ve happened by now. Since it didn’t, I guess we all (except “no-faithers” tedrecommends and Ron A) have to do some rooting for Lalime. I’m guessing he’ll get plenty of time this month - let’s hope he does well.

Gaustad’s injury couldn’t have come at a worse time. You have a big, physical guy 2nd in the league in face-offs playing close to the best hockey of his career, and now he’s gone as you enter the most condensed part of your schedule.

It wasn’t just blogs calling them out, but it seemed like the mainstream media started hacking on the Sabres two top lines. They kind of responded over the last two games. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a roll through December…

Sekera is going to help this team one way or another. I’d prefer that he’d stay here, and continue to develop into a top pairing defensemen. On the other hand, he could really fetch a lot in a trade, and (IMO) if the team tries to bring in a top six forward, he’d be something to dangle…

I like Vanek… a lot. I think he’s a bonafide superstar. There is no one as skilled as he is who hangs out in front of the net. But I can’t help but think sometimes - would I rather have had four (count ‘em 4) 1st round draft picks for him had they not matched the Edmonton offer?

There were stories about how Lindy was giving the team an easier go of it so far this season. More days off, later practices, yada, yada. I know I made the point earlier as to how many games this team plays this month, but the truth is, a lot of other teams are just as busy. Did Lindy do that because of this Olympic schedule? Did other teams do the same?

They have a chance for thirty points this month. My guess is they get 19.

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